Due to the nature of serving the Defence industry, there are sensitivities and confidentiality requirements in relation to the work we do for Defence. As such, we are restricted as to what detailed information we can provide here and wish to respect our clients’ requests.

Our role is to manufacture components to support the maintenance of the aviation defence industry. For example we manufacture maintenance platforms, racks holding aircraft parts and fuel tanks that are wheeled out to the aircraft to siphon excess fuel, among other items. 

Our role is quite broad and extends to infrastructure, signage and machine parts for non aircraft maintenance functions. 

R&R Murphy have built a reputation for resourcefulness and for many clients we function as a one stop shop to help improve efficiencies in procurement for defence while upholding the strict standards required.  

R&R Murphy have undertaken an extremely rigorous process to become a trusted supplier to the defence industry. Our quality standards are taken very seriously throughout all aspects of our operation and we demand the same standards of all of our suppliers.